Rock Fiction Coveting: Fortune Calling by Hunter S. Jones

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting, Uncategorized
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The Rock Fiction just doesn’t stop… oh, how I love this new world of self-publishing. It’s perfect for Rock Fiction, which is considered by most of the big publishing houses to be a poorly selling genre.

Needless to say, my mission is to prove them WRONG. Who’s with me?

Today’s coveted book is Fortune Calling, written by Hunter S. Jones. It’s got the odds stacked against it because it’s set in Nashville, which is, of course, where the same-named TV show is set. I think any of us who watch Nashville (and I’m hooked, of course!) will pick up this book with a preconceived notion of what the scene ought to look like.

That’s most likely a shame because the plot’s intriguing. Different.

Here’s the book description:

<blockquote>Dallas Fortune is a small town girl with a gift for playing guitar. A member of her family has played the Grand Ol Opry since it began as a simple radio show in 1925. But, they are the minstrels, the troubadours–session players–not stars.

Dallas lives her life on the road. She’s just another guitar player with a dream until she finds an antique blue mandolin in a pawn shop. Her life comes into focus as the enchantment of the mandolin captivates her audiences. The Guitar God of Nashville beckons her. Everything is there for Dallas at last, until a stage accident sends her home and shatters her dreams. Blow after blow she fights the hand of fate. Is she destined to lose out in life? Hope, dreams, and love seem to be just out of reach. Every girl dreams of a happy ending. Will a spontaneous card reading reveal her destiny?Dallas Fortune has the best Fairy Godmother in country music history. Will she help make Dallas’ dreams come true?

Is the future among the stars, in the cards or locked in your heart?</blockquote>

Okay, okay, FINE. It’s Cinderella. But Cinderella with cowboy boots and a mandolin!

(Mandolin? Who plays mandolin anymore? COOL!)

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