Rock Fiction Coveting: Beatless by Amber L Johnson

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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I’m writing this so far in advance and already, I’ve forgotten how and why Amber Johnson’s Beatless crossed my radar. It’s her third novel, it looks like, so it’s time for readers to sit up and take notice. Assuming the early reviews are correct that it’s a fabulous book. (It is, of course, distressing to read the comments from the editing team Ms. Johnson assembled, and I hope the book meets my high editorial standards.)

The deal is that Mallory’s been left behind. Her parents have divorced and she’s been sick, so now she can’t go to Vanderbilt. It’s off to community college — but along the way, she reconnects with an old love (hello? She’s 18. How old can that love be? — says the woman whose first boyfriend happened in first grade). He’s in a band and … Rock Fiction commences.

Like I said, the reviews are glowing, if a lot of them as I write are definitely written by friends and others close to the writing process. I’m curious, really curious… But when aren’t I?

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