Rock Fiction Coveting: Exile by Kevin Emerson

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Count on my friend Mary at BookHounds to dig up some good Rock Fiction for me to drool over.

This time, it’s Kevin Emerson’s Exile, the story of a band manager who somehow manages to do the unprofessional: she falls for the lead singer of one of her bands. Oh, I’m sure it happens in real life — at its heart, it’s an office romance — but when you’re talking about a rocker and his manager, well… that’s a bit more intimate situation to begin with. Then again, pretty much everything having to do with the music business is a different kind of intimate, even when all the clothes stay on.

Of course, the fact that Summer is a student who falls for her rocker… well, that adds another level of things, doesn’t it? She’s young and inexperienced; the reviews make it sound like she’s not all that great as a manager, either. And that’s setting aside the question of why you’d let someone still in school take on a job as all-encompassing as manager.

However, this isn’t merely a romance. There’s a mystery in here, as well.

And that’s where my doubts begin to creep in. What exactly is this book? The pre-publication reviews didn’t do it much justice, and the book description itself hints at this book ultimately being something more — as in Divergent more. It promises that Summer might be an Exile, herself — although it doesn’t explain what that means. Neither did the reviews.

So we’ll see what Mary has to say, and if she feels like sharing it with me and Jett.

We shall see…

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