Rock Fiction Coveting: A Beautiful Melody by Lilliana Anderson

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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As I’m surfing the web (yes, when I should be working. I’d feel bad about it, but admit it: you do it, too), I often come across new-to-me Rock Fiction. And since every time I do, it means the genre swells, that means I totally have to drool over it.

The alternative — getting overwhelmed by how much is out there and how I’ll probably never read it all, as much as I want to — just isn’t acceptable. Not in my book. Pun intended.

So… that brings us to another one I hope I get to read. It’s called A Beautiful Melody, and even though it’s the third in a series (called Beautiful), the review I came across said it can be read as a standalone. Hope that’s true!

It’s a familiar trope by now, especially in New Adult: the heartbroken girl turns around, only to realize Mr. Right is right there behind his guitar. It’s not quite that simple in this book: Naomi finally owns up to the fact that she’s more into her dude than he is into her. So she takes refuge in music, gets asked to join a band that’s “doing pretty well” (to quote a review or two) and falls for her bandmate.

One thing gives me pause, and that’s a glaring typo in the book’s description. I didn’t see mention of poor editing in any of the reviews online, but sometimes, I read the reviews online and wonder if literacy sinks in when we sit and read…

Anyhoo… I gotta admit I’m curious, especially because it sounds as though Naomi’s music isn’t exactly what I’d first pictured when I heard she took refuge in it.

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