Rock Fiction Coveting: A Song Apart by Jeffrey Baer

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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The first thing that caught my eye about the book description for A Song Apart was that it’s the story of an unlikely romance.

I rolled my eyes. How many times now have we seen the unlikely romance? Of course it’s unlikely. Guys in bands — because, of course, it’s always guys in bands — have to sow themselves some wild oats before they can fall in love. Right?

Guess what? This book? It’s got a girl in a band, too. See? Says so right here:

Rising pop singer Shannon Kistler never expected to see college student Kevin Derow on a Manhattan street wearing her concert shirt. But she offers gratitude in her own way, leaving her biggest fan in shock. When the two teenagers meet again six days later, Shannon slips Kevin her phone number, and the unlikely romance begins. Soon they find they have several things in common: lonely childhoods, a passion for music, and making unpopular choices about their own lives. The public cannot take Shannon seriously as a teenaged recording artist, but she risks her sudden success by making some public mistakes after breaking into a soulless music industry with unusual ease. Meanwhile Kevin loses the respect of family, friends and coworkers over the girl he idolizes-and unwittingly blows the lid off a payola scheme devised by Shannon’s record label, threatening her career and possibly his own freedom. A Song Apart revolves around two young people from distinct backgrounds who choose to follow their hearts rather than their peers and find a greater reward at the end of their paths.

Huh. That’s a different plot. I like that the teenage girl’s met with scorn, although the idea that the public can’t take her seriously goes way against the idea that she moves into the industry easily. And I like that there’s fishy stuff happening… I’m thinking maybe this chick shouldn’t be a singer. It’s just not meant to be.

So I’d say lose the whole unlikely romance crap and you’ve got a hook here that’s in me so deep, I’m off to go find some rich doctor who’ll take it out. Talk about an unlikely romance…

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