Just in time for Rocktober: Rock Fiction Box Set!

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting, Rocktober
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Susan and I had NOTHING to do with the timing of this one. We both wish we had that much power and time to get something like this together. But whoo whee, does this sound like a doozy.

It’s one of those ultra-popular box sets that’s for sale for 99c right now. I won’t go through each title and talk about ’em like I usually do because at that price, you’d rather be reading the books, not me talking about them.

The claim is that it’s six best-selling authors from various best-selling lists. Frankly, best-selling lists don’t impress me unless Susan’s on one of them — hey, I know where my loyalty lies — so it’s really all about the books. I’ve only heard of one of them so far, I think, and that’s LH Cosway, whose entry into the box set I was coveting just last month.

Five new-to-me books! Still for 99c!

Here are the five, since I already mentioned the one:
Deanna Chase — Defining Destiny
Marie Hall — This Time
Cassia Leo — Forever Ours
Crista McHugh — A Seductive Melody
Roxie Rivera — Step

The one thing I wish I knew was if they meant for it to be released as part of Rocktober. If so, why not stop in and join the party?

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