Rock Fiction Coveting: The Bad Rep Series by A. Meredith Walters

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Jett-300x300I like how A. Meredith Walters uses a period after her first initial so we know she’s not some generic Meredith Walters or something. Nope, that A. is very pointed. She’s making a statement.

Hope she’s making a statement with her trilogy — although it looks like it’s gonna be a quadology soon — of books called the Bad Rep series. Girls and their Rock Stars…

Looks like it’s an interlinking series, or whatever they’re called. Same band. Different people, mostly. Readers like those, and so do I. You get to know everyone in the band, not just the couple from the one book, and when  you like the people in the band and their women, well, it makes for some good comfort reads.

One note from Susan, though. She caught typos in the book descriptions and wanted me to remind the world that her editing team is always glad to clean up a previously published book to get rid of those mistakes.

But who ever said Rockers are supposed to be literate?

Yeah, I’ve read more than my fair share of mistakes and bad English. I went through a stage where I read every single Danielle Steel I could get my hands on (and I’m not as old as Susan. My best friend’s mom had them around and when you’re twelve, they’re the best things ever). Yeah, I am over that part of my life. And yeah, I wish every author would use Susan as their editor so she’d stop bugging me and let me run this place the way I want to.

Maybe the books aren’t that badly edited. They sure have a lot of potential.

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