#Rocktober Coveting: Rock Hard by Andrew Jericho

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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I think if you look over The List here at The Rock of Pages, you’ll see a boatload of books with the same title: Rock Hard. Seems to be fairly popular title for Rock Fiction. Go figure!

The latest is written by a dude named Andrew Jericho (anyone noticed how many dudes we’ve been able to feature this Rocktober?), and it’s a m/m story. You guys know that’s not my cuppa, but take a look at the blurb, in case it’s yours.

Adam Cole, David (Deuce) Cole, L.T. Jamison, and Jamie Cain, members of an ’80s-style glam band, Rock Hard, are struggling with Deuce’s alcohol addiction. The substance abuse is not only threatening the band’s success, but the marriages that he shares with each man.The closeness and sense of family that the band has experienced with Deuce has now turned into dysfunctional chaos.

So when band physician, Dr. Zane Foster, discusses an agreement with the group, front man Adam Cole cannot refuse. After all, it has to be out of love that Adam would agree to such a deal. Not only is Deuce struggling with his own secrets, drinking most days to the point of intoxication, but Adam reveals a hidden attraction that only adds to the tension building within the band.

Rock Hard explores intimacy, unconditional love, and trust in the face of emotional heartbreak.

Were men married to each other back in the 80s? I thought that was a pretty recent thing, where men actually talked about themselves as married. Before the past couple of years, didn’t they use less … married… words to describe their relationship? I was young back in the 80s, but it’s not something I remember hearing. Ever. Unless it was how revolting the idea was. Which I’m sure had everything to do with my lack of love for m/m fiction.

What I do like here is that it sounds like this is an attempt for this Dr. Foster to put on ugly sweaters and engage in therapy, sort of Some Kind of Monster-like. But I’m also a little worried that a doctor proposes something a little more… erotic. Which means it might make for a hot read but won’t actually solve anyone’s problems.

The description doesn’t say nearly enough, so that means I gotta read this one to find out what’s really going on here. Healthy healing or erotic escape?

That’s a question I don’t get to ask every day. And why can’t it be both? Hmm. This is why I’m not a shrink.

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