Rock Fiction Coveting: Rock and Roll Never Forgets by Barbara S Stewart

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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It’s not just Rock Fiction season anymore, it’s Rock Fiction Series Season. And I’ve got the first in a new series. Again. Actually, I could write up the entire series, since it’s a trilogy and all the books are out, but for once, let’s focus on the first. Maybe I’ll write up the second and third later on.

Here’s the skinny on the first:

Beth Morgan is a young woman who’s just been given the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to meet her favorite band, Traveler. That meeting leads to a chance encounter with her idol, the band’s lead singer, Andy Stevens. What follows is a love story. A journey through the peaks, valleys and trials of a relationship lived in the public eye; the miles they traveled together through his career in the music business, and her struggles to stay obscure in a world she never really settled into comfortably. In the end it’s all about love, fate, and what the heart can’t hold back.

Chance encounter with her rocker hero… we’ve seen this done to death, so it’ll be interesting to see how author Barbara Stewart handles it. And then the ups and downs of life with a rocker… that seems to be Stewart’s MO in these books because the third also has this as a similar theme, although with more of a look back at the past.

Like other series we’ve seen, the second book on the surface doesn’t seem to be Rock Fiction.

Which means only one thing: gotta read all these and see… Man, it’s hard to covet sometimes! Too many books to read, not enough review copies, and not enough reading time when copies do show up. Of course, between me and Susan, we’re booked up but that doesn’t mean we don’t still intend to get through it all.

If you’ve been lucky enough to beat us to the punch, holler and we’ll link up here and on The List page.

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