Rock Fiction Coveting: Live: Rockers Romance Anthology by Renee Lee Fisher

Posted: February 17, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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This anthology’s got a cool twist to it: they’re using the sales to raise money for the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, which is a charity Susan used to support by doing the same thing. Using royalties as a charity donation has fallen out of favor. I’ve even seen bloggers say they think it’s rude to make readers buy a book in order to make a donation. If they want to donate, they’ll donate.

I don’t get that attitude. This is a great way to raise awareness of the need for music programs in our school. I read an article about a local school that’s talking about cutting music, art classes, and recess. Again. It’s an epidemic.

There are seven authors in this anthology, and some of them have been coveted over here before. And now that they’re together, I’m coveting them even harder because, hey, you gotta see how they stand up to each other, right? Similar themes. Which feed off each other. Which are good and which are great. (Notice I’m holding out hope that none of ’em suck.)

Here’s the books:
Renee Lee Fisher – Rock Notes
A.M. Madden – Back Up
Ahren Sanders – Surrendering
M. Stratton – After the Storm
Lisa Swallow – Summer Sky
Gina Whitney – Saving Abel
A.L. Wood – First Chance

Lots of familiar stuff here… I’m drooling…

Even if you don’t pick up the anthology, think about sending a few bucks to Mr. Holland’s Opus. Music in our schools teaches our kids so darn much. It’s so good for them and my own days playing clarinet is what led me to my current career, even. I loved music and wanted to be around it. So now I work in it, just not on the rocking side.

Give kids like me a chance, will ya? Pick up the anthology. Donate. I don’t care. Just make ’em stop cutting music in schools.

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