Jett Reviews: FM for Murder by Patricia Rockwell

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Reviews
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This is another book Susan sent on for me to review. Again, she’d been Tweeting with the author, who’d said she would like it.

I like the story. Love the concept: the main character is an acoustics expert. Who even knew there were real acoustics experts in the world? And if there aren’t, don’t tell me. What matters is that this character knows how to listen, and it’s that skill that eventually solves the murder.

This is one cool setup.

And Pamela herself, our sleuth with the golden ear, is a likeable character. She’s got a real personality; she’s real particular. There’s something old school about her, and I really like that. This seems to be one of a series — a quick look at GoodReads shows there are five — and even though I started in the middle, I could catch on.

A good story, but Susan’s comments at GoodReads are right: the typos in here are terrible. When I told Susan I was reviewing this, she confessed that because the copy editing is so bad, she cringes whenever she sees the publisher’s name on a book. She’s got a point, especially because we’d both really be talking this up if the stupid mistakes weren’t so damn distracting.

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