Rock Fiction Coveting: Games Boys Play by Zoe X Rider

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Here’s the thing about this one: it sounds like the two dudes who star in the book are in a band together. That sets off the Rock Fiction radar around here. But when you read the description, it doesn’t sound very rock and rollish.

Brian and Dylan have been best friends for years. They have no secrets between them, except for the ones they’re keeping from each other.

When Dylan lets himself into Brian’s apartment to drop something off, it couldn’t be worse timing—for Brian. He’s tied himself up to play out a kidnapping fantasy. He’s mortified, but Dylan is intrigued. He even offers to help Brian out next time he has an urge to be tied up.

No. That’s all Brian can think. No way. But the idea of someone else being in control overwhelms his thoughts—and self-bondage is suddenly a pale substitute for the real thing. He gives Dylan permission, on a trial basis, and comes face to face with a side of Dylan he’s never seen before. A really hot side.

As their games pick up steam, so does their relationship, along with Brian’s courage to go after the things he wants. Like, Dylan.

It might be happily ever after, but there’s one secret left, and it could ruin everything.

So I’m getting near this one pretty cautiously. M/m isn’t my favorite, and there’s really not a lot in here about a band… maybe it’s just an excuse for the two to be together. From some of the reviews — yes, I read them to see if I could figure out how important the Rock Fiction angle is — it sounds like it’s a reason for stuff to be at stake. As in: Brian needs to be careful so Dylan doesn’t quit the band.

If you’ve read it, let’s hear what you learned. Rock Fiction, or not?

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