Rock Fiction Coveting: The Ugly Eternity Series by Charity Parkerson

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Susan knows who Charity Parkerson is through some blog sharing thing she does, but didn’t really know she wrote Rock Fiction until I pointed the third in this series out to her. I think she’s sleeping on the job again!

Anyway, I have no idea why this series has the awful name of the Ulgy Eternity Series so maybe Susan can reach out to Charity and ask her if she’d write a guest post and let us all know. And maybe she can explain the cover, too. It’s … well, it caught my eye.

Here’s what the first book, Heart’s Beat, is about.

By day, Cade works as a mechanic. By night, he’s the drummer for a popular nightclub band. Music has always been his greatest love and biggest dream. That is, until Cade meets Dylan.

For Dylan, working as head bartender for Club Khronos is the ultimate job opportunity. There’s no way he could’ve foreseen how torturous the position would become. Six months of craving Cade has driven Dylan insane. No matter what he tries, Dylan can’t get a clear read on Cade. When Cade does finally make his move, Dylan realizes a fate worse than never having the man of his dreams—being kept a secret.

Makes ya wonder if this really is Rock Fiction, doesn’t it? What does Cade’s drumming have to do with the love story? Looking over the descriptions of all the books, it seems that Ugly Eternity is the band … until the fourth book. And it seems that all four books are male-male love stories, and you guys know that’s not my thing. But there’s no mention of anyone in the band starring in the fourth book and you gotta wonder what the chances are that three of the guys in the same band are all gay, unless that’s what brought them together, unless my own skewed view of the world is showing again.

Anyway, Charity? Help us out? I’m sure Susan would like to read these, since male-male’s more her thing than mine.

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