Rock Fiction Coveting: The Falling Stars Series by Sadie Grubor

Posted: December 29, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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So I came across this series, or maybe Susan did. I don’t know. I can’t find any posts we’ve made about it in the past, so here goes.

It’s the Falling Stars series, written by Sadie Grubor. There’s now two books and an in-between, and it’s about two bands, Falling Star and Hush, and how members of the two bands forge a relationship. The in-between novella can’t be read without reading the first, apparently.

The second novel is Hidden in the Stars, and it’s about a second member of The Forgotten.

This has a lot of potential to be a long series, if it’s good and if readers can find it. Two bands, connected by Christopher and Mia, means a lot of members who need to find love — because of course this is a romance series.

And there’s also the idea of a book about how Christopher and Mia coexist in a pretty tight-knit community if they don’t make it. Think Rob Zombie and Sean Yseult, or the members of Fleetwood Mac or … who else is famous for inter-band romances? Yeah, I know this isn’t an inter-band romance so maybe we should be talking about Gwen and Gavin and Blake and Miranda. Maybe that’s the better comparison.

Either way, it’s got potential, and that makes me want to read it.

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