Here’s one for all you who love when the rocker is a chick.

Trinity Laker is the tough-talking, sexy, and talented lead singer for all girl rock band Moonstone. Broke, emotionally and physically damaged from her relationship with her abusive mother,and sometimes homeless, she doesn’t have the time or energy for romance of any kind. For Trinity, her world revolves around the band.

From the moment she steps on stage, rich boy Luke Morrison is intrigued by her and knows that he has to have her, no matter what secrets he has to keep.

Hey, tell me more about Rich Boy Luke! That says… NOTHING. You gotta tease me with something specific here, folks. We know what Trinity’s up against. But what about Luke? Huh?

Tell me about the dude! (Seems I’m not the only one. As I’m drafting this, GoodReads is showing three ratings and zero reviews.)

Better yet, send me a copy so I can read about him. And help get those reviews started — reviews are one of the best ways to help a good book get noticed. And we at The Rock of Pages want to help Rock Fiction get noticed.

  1. Andi Bremner says:

    Would love to send you a copy of Trinity AND Drummer Girl which came out 1 August if you are interested.

    Andi x

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