Rock Fiction Coveting: The first half of the My Misery Muse series by Brei Betzold

Posted: January 3, 2017 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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From the book descriptions, only the first two full novels are Rock Fiction. There’s a half-story, and then a third book, but they don’t look like Rock Fiction, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they are, since the series is named after the featured band, My Misery Muse.

It would be so much easier if authors and publishers everywhere would tag all their Rock Fiction as Rock Fiction.

Anyway, this series is supposed to be about first loves, which is a great thing to have a series be about. I’m into that ’cause there’s a purity and sense of wonder in first loves. It’s a nice break from the angst and ugliness of the world — and from jaded rockers, which we see a lot of.

So books one and two are called My Misery Muse and Faith, respectively. They were published in 2012 and 2013, with the last book out in 2014, so it’s probably a fair bet that the series is over. If it’s a good series, that’s too bad.

Anyone know anything about these books? Kinda old, but then again, if they are good books, who cares?

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