Rock Fiction Coveting: The Sound Wave Series by Michelle Pace

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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This one’s more of a duo than a series, to be honest. I don’t think two books can be a series, especially when the series is named for a publication, but there’s no mention of the publication in the description of the second book. (That said, the heroine is a photojournalist, so there’s hope for the tie-in there.)

It’s The Sound Wave Series, written by Michelle Pace. And I know next to nothing about it; I just found it by surfing GoodReads. The books were published in 2012 and 2013, so it’s not looking like there will be more of them.

In the first book, Fury, it’s the usual journalist is the only one who is allowed access to the band — but from there, what happens is murky. Romance? Something different? It sort of hints at a thriller, but not totally:

Once her assignment begins, Fury’s tour explodes in a Molotov cocktail of sex, scandal, and violence that threatens to ruin Fury’s quest for worldwide success. Can Cheyenne navigate her treacherous path unscathed, or will the demons of her past poison her blossoming career?

The second book, Rage, is all about a rocker and his girlfriend, the photographer. I’m guessing romance here. But, again, a lot of vague description:

When fate brings both Fury and Stephanie to a remote Brazilian paradise, the former lovers have no choice but to face each other head on. Will their wildfire chemistry burn down the wall between them, or will the tumultuous pair simply go up in flames?

Still, I’m intrigued. I’m intrigued why there are only two books in the series. What actually happens in them. And if there should have been more.

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