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Jett here; figured Susan would steal this one from me if she had the chance. I found it while surfing for something else on GoodReads and what looked fab from the description — sounded like a menage with rocker Jax Harding (ho ho. HARDing) and three women at once. That woulda been hot with a capital HAWT.

I couldn’t believe that was what I was seeing, so I read the reviews. Nope. Not one man and three women. It’s three little scenes, sex scenes. Three. One for each chick. Reviews are pretty clear that there’s no character development for Jax or for the girls.

The one that’ll piss Susan off is the one where Jax supposedly hates everything his assistant does, so that makes him want to bonk her. I’m thinking agreeing with her on that one might not be a bad idea. And that she needs to quit. I had a job once where they acted like I could do nothing right, so I walked. Didn’t even give notice. Just looked at them and said, “If I suck this bad, I’m outta here.”

Not sure what to think about this one. Guess we’ll have to get our hands on it and see what it’s about. But really. No character development equals porn in my book. Half the fun of a good sex scene is caring about the people doing it!