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We’ve seen me drool over the series Ann Lister’s written. How about her standalone?

Sydney Willows, a professional photographer boasts a long list of world famous musicians as clients. She’s blond, ambitious, and about to shoot the most lucrative job of her career when she meets Ben Gallo, lead singer and guitarist for his band, Reckless. Tall, handsome, and with enough rock swagger to melt any woman’s heart, Ben plays to win. Will he be the one to show her that the path to ‘happily-ever-after’ is possible with a music man, or will a juvenile bet made between brothers prove stronger than a bond of love? For All The Right Reasons is ribboned with deception, lust and love and will leave you aching for an encore.”

So far, it sounds like familiar stuff. Photographer falls for the band she’s photographing. (Why do I doubt this ever happened to Ross Halfin?)

I wish this description told us more. What’s at stake, beyond “a juvenile bet”?


Wasn’t that long ago that I was coveting a different series from Ann Lister. And now I’m back with another series, this one with two books but they’re both on the kinda old side, 2009 and 2012. I’d bet this one is holding at a two-book series, but if anyone knows Ann, ask her, will ya? Hello? Let’s get some answers!

So this is the Sheet Music series. The first book shares the series title. Both books feature Annie Logan, who’s in a band, and the second book introduces another “rock queen,” as well. Lots of rock, lots of romance, and… well, why didn’t this go any further than two books?

Still, it’s nice to go into a series knowing it’ll be easy to first catch up and then finish it. A quick obligation, as it is. And that’s always a good thing, especially when they’re good books. (but man, if they are good, it’ll suck that there’s only two of them. So… mixed bag of goodies, maybe?)

I’m off to track these down.


How’d this one slip past all the radars here at The Rock of Pages? It’s a seven-book series, for crying out loud, dating back to 2013!

It’s the Rock Gods series, written by Ann Lister, who has at least one other Rock Fiction series under her belt. Is she the real thing? Oh, I hope so!

All seven books (so far. Are there going to be more? Oh, Ann Lister, chime in and talk to us about what you’re up to!) feature a couple different bands. The first two books aren’t clear in the description, but then we seem to settle in with bands named Ivory Tower and Black Ice.

But… they’re all male-male. And we all know that’s not my cuppa. But the situations are interesting, and they are varied. Two dudes in the same band. A threesome. Strangers — more than once — who are brought together by fate and hormones and all that good stuff that brings people together. Yeah, there’s real potential in this series.

Susan would be GLAD to read these. All seven of them! Yes, it’s true. I would. — Susan, who wasn’t consulted before she got the post to look over and schedule.

Bring it.

And if you’ve read any and have reviews, I’m always glad to make Susan post them for you. More exposure for the book, for you, for the author… and more work for Susan (and less for me). No one loses.