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We won’t snicker too much at this series title ’cause, you know, sometimes, simple things are best.

It’s the Rock Star series, a series that looks like it’s got four books and one interlude so far, but a few more seem to be planned.

So… Book One, Falling Down, starts with a familiar trope: been in love with him for years, chance meeting, and now a few years later, sparks are FLYING.

In Book Two, we have the blind-drunk Vegas wedding and groupies who proposition the star while she’s standing right there beside her doting hubby.

I have zero idea what the third book is about, based on its description. Can you say vague? Wow.

And the fourth book includes kids. I’m guessing they are the main couple’s kids, but the book descriptions for books five and six talk about other characters, so I’m … well confused and intrigued, both. Is this another series that follows one couple for a bunch of books and throws everything and the kitchen sink at them so they can overcome?

I do like the idea of kids on the road. How do most rockers deal with that, anyway? Heck, that could be a series unto itself.

Oh, Susan… get busy…