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Another catch-up book from Susan, and this time, she has no idea where it came from. Guess it just showed up one day.

I was glad to give this one a try and it’s very readable, but ultimately, I wasn’t sure what the point was. And with nothing really happening, nothing at stake, there’s no real reason to care. Which means there’s no real reason to keep reading.

I can’t even talk about how great this would have been as Rock Fiction because it’s not. Talking about what song is playing in the background, what band’s t-shirt you’re wearing, or who your favorite band is doesn’t make something Rock Fiction. Look at Nick and Norah. That one IS Rock Fiction because the way the music directly shapes the action and the characters. They do more than talk about music. It defines them.

So… on to the next. Sorry, Colin. All your talk of Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine just ain’t rocking and rolling.