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This is one of those books I came across during some sale or other at Smashwords. Yep, I’m finally getting around to telling you about it now. Here’s the description. It’s not terribly revealing:

Told from a drummer’s point of view, Drums: a Novel chronicles a small-time 80s rock band’s run at making it big-time. The story moves from San Luis Obispo to Lake Tahoe, where the band chases the ultimate gig. Drums celebrates those musicians who achieve commercial success, as well as the 99.99% who give it their all, only to fall short from attaining mega record deals and glitz-glam fame.

People. The point of your back cover description is to make people want to buy your book. It shouldn’t be vague marketing blather. I don’t care what the book celebrates. I care what it’s about. There’s a difference. “So soft! You’ll never be the same again!” is great to hear, but it makes a difference if we’re talking about toilet paper or the way someone breaks your heart.

So we know it’s about a band in the 80s — which probably means Spandex and Aqua Net and eyeliner, and if it’s not there, I’m going to be bummed — trying to make it big. But what else? Is there a mystery? A romance? Relationship struggles? Does it come easy? Do members leave? Self-destruct? How much sex and drugs is in with our rock and roll?

I gotta tell you, from this description, I’m not that eager to read it. But once I start asking these questions, I’m convinced I gotta find out for myself.

Anyone discovered this one yet?