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This one’s more of a duo than a series, to be honest. I don’t think two books can be a series, especially when the series is named for a publication, but there’s no mention of the publication in the description of the second book. (That said, the heroine is a photojournalist, so there’s hope for the tie-in there.)

It’s The Sound Wave Series, written by Michelle Pace. And I know next to nothing about it; I just found it by surfing GoodReads. The books were published in 2012 and 2013, so it’s not looking like there will be more of them.

In the first book, Fury, it’s the usual journalist is the only one who is allowed access to the band — but from there, what happens is murky. Romance? Something different? It sort of hints at a thriller, but not totally:

Once her assignment begins, Fury’s tour explodes in a Molotov cocktail of sex, scandal, and violence that threatens to ruin Fury’s quest for worldwide success. Can Cheyenne navigate her treacherous path unscathed, or will the demons of her past poison her blossoming career?

The second book, Rage, is all about a rocker and his girlfriend, the photographer. I’m guessing romance here. But, again, a lot of vague description:

When fate brings both Fury and Stephanie to a remote Brazilian paradise, the former lovers have no choice but to face each other head on. Will their wildfire chemistry burn down the wall between them, or will the tumultuous pair simply go up in flames?

Still, I’m intrigued. I’m intrigued why there are only two books in the series. What actually happens in them. And if there should have been more.


I hate it when I get excited about a book based on its description and I don’t get a copy to read and then… the next one hits my radar! And it sounds just as much crazy fun as the first!

What do you get when you cross a smoking-hot rock star with a sexy lion shifter, then throw in a heaping dose of gothic fairytale enchantment? Gigi Loveland is about to find out!

Disapproving family members, an exclusive invitation-only ball, and a godmother wielding magic spells isn’t enough to keep Gigi from pursuing her mission of getting close to her favorite shifter rock band. She’ll do almost anything to accomplish her task. But in a world where interspecies relations are often as problematic as the human-shifter conflict, Gigi doesn’t know what hit her when her delicate gazelle senses tell her she’s falling for the band’s fierce, tortured, and intimidating bassist, Dash Lyons. Predators and prey don’t usually make the best love matches, and the closer she and Dash get, the more Gigi wonders if she really has what it takes to tame the beast.

Really. Rock Fiction is almost perfect for shifter stories; I don’t know why there aren’t more of them. If you know of them, bring them because this could be my new catnip! I want to know how this comes together and how they work it out. Or if poor Gigi gets eaten by her rocker… or if she’s the one doing the predatory thing!

BRING THIS. I need it!

(Unfortunately, it looks like there’s only two in this series and this poor book only has ten reviews. Ten? That’s it? If you’re one of those ten, drop Susan a note. She’d be glad to repost it here. And yes, she loves it when I make work for her!)


So Susan came across another Rock Fiction author named Susan — Susan Griscom. Go check out Susan Griscom’s site.

See those two books? The Beaumont Brothers Duology?

YES. Susan’s busy with a client (read this post at West of Mars if you don’t know what she’s up to), so I get these two ALL TO MYSELF.

I love this gig.

I’ll report in when I’ve read them.

Oh, here’s the description for the first:

What would you do if you had no place to go and no one you could trust?

“The lyrics are about you, Lena,” he confessed, and I watched his mouth as the tip of his tongue moistened his lips before he leaned his head down. Then those beautiful lips were on mine, soft, tender at first, then his tongue glided over my lips, breaking the seal. My pulse throbbed and quickened as his tongue swirled around mine. Taking and controlling, and… and I wanted this, needed his touch. I went limp in his embrace, and the heat rose under my skin, my body vibrated against his strong powerful one. Was this really happening?”

After a not-so-wonderful young adulthood-shuffled from one foster home to another-Lena Benton had hoped marriage would be her ticket to happiness. Wedded a year after high school graduation, Lena was certain she’d found her knight. But when Troy Harington’s true colors surface shortly after their glorious day of elopement, things aren’t quite as rosy as Lena had envisioned. When an unforeseen event turns ugly, all she can do is … run!

But does she run far enough?

Jackson Beaumont prides himself on being a nature-loving, guitar-strumming carefree sort of guy, known for his eagerness to help injured animals find their way back into the wild. When Lena Benton walks into his bar, he’s once again swept off his feet with concern and desire to help the wounded. Will he risk having his heart torn apart again when the memory of the fawn he rescued as a child resurfaces?