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I’ve had a glancing blow with this book a couple of times now, but I’ve never written it up all by itself. And it’s been out for awhile, but as Susan says, who cares how old it is if it’s still in print?

Here’s the story:

When destiny fails…

Singer-songwriter Lucy Moore thought her life was perfect. At just twenty-one, she’s already met her soul mate and together they’ve landed a recording contract. But when her father dies and the love of her life betrays her in more ways than one, she returns home to pick up the pieces. On the shores of Mendocino, California, Lucy has some decisions to make. Should she start a solo career? Or should she leave it all behind for some semblance of normalcy in the quiet town she grew up in? And what about Seth, the tortured artist who always seems to be there when she needs him?

Seth Keenan has demons of his own. Eighteen months ago, he was involved in a horrific accident that he never talks about. His career as an accomplished oil-paint artist has been abandoned, replaced by the buzz of his tattoo gun. And women–well, he never sticks around for longer than a few hours of pleasure… until he meets Lucy. After one evening of listening to her seductive voice, he’s pulled under. But what about the vow he made to never get close to anyone again?

In a world where everyone has one true soul mate, can these two find love in the arms of each other?

On the one hand, we’ve seen this a million times. Both characters have demons they have to face.

But these two have some interesting things going on. Giving up oil paints for a tat gun… I know people. I do. And who hasn’t been betrayed by your soul mate? Okay, I wasn’t. Not really. But I thought he was at the time! And he didn’t betray me, either, so… yeah. Nevermind about that last one.

There’s a lot of potential in this one, so I don’t care how old it is.

It’s also the first in a series, but the second one doesn’t have any Rock Fiction in it, so nevermind that. Let’s get this one read; maybe Ms. Chase will make a fangirl out of me!


This series screams Rock Fiction in the first book’s (Bring Me You) description. It comes out and says Mia is a musician. Pretty good clue, there. But when I look at the second (Still Into You) and third (Never Over You), it seems to pale. And maybe that’s okay. It’s hard to tell because it looks like some demon Mia’s hiding takes over and rules the three-book series.

Which makes me even more curious, even though I’m supposed to be all Rock Fiction, all the time. Maybe her demons are what fuels her music and her need to be involved with it. Maybe the only way she can deal with demons is to make music.

Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Bring this series ON, man. I gotta find out how music and demons go together. Because let’s face it: rock and roll is made for a demon or three.