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So it’s October 1. First day of Rocktober and … I gotta let you guys down.

Susan and I have been debating telling you this earlier. But here’s the thing. If you missed it, in January, Susan had a pretty bad accident while on her bike. She told me that today, October 1, is the forty-week mark since it happened. Forty weeks. Think about that. And she’s had more than the eye to deal with, if that wasn’t enough. She got diagnosed with a concussion… at week 29. She’s still battling a pinched nerve in her arm/shoulder/hand/wrist that, while the concussion doctor has cleared her for all activity, still prevents her from doing things.

There was no way she could chase down authors for contributions to this year’s Rocktober. And me, I’m too busy. And it’s not my job, either. I’m having enough trouble reading and reviewing and coveting around here! That administrative stuff… that’s for her.

I hope you’ll miss the fun, but really. This is The Rock of Pages! It ought to be Rocktober year-round here!

Which means if you’re an author, or friends with an author, you’re welcome to drop in any single day of the year to promote your books. Yeah, I said it. Come do blatant promo. Susan and I don’t care; we’re thrilled to hear from you. We’d love to help you get the word out to a wider audience.

If you’re a reader or friends with a reader, feel free to send us your reviews! You’ve seen we’ll post ’em. You’ve seen we like to give the writer a ton of links and publicity. Why aren’t you? This is your place as much as it’s ours. Use it. We don’t care; we want you to!

The Rock of Pages. Where it’s Rocktober all year round.


Yes! September is whizzing by at full speed and Susan and I have been nuts. She’s been so swamped that I’ve been getting texts from her that are gibberish.

But we’re making plans for Rocktober anyway. Here’s what we’re looking for:
If you’re a Rock Fiction author, feel free to stop in with one of the following posts:
An interview
A guest blog about why you Rock Fiction (or anything that ties into Rock Fiction)
A post about someone else’s Rock Fiction that you’d like to read
A review of someone else’s Rock Fiction that you have read.

And if you’re a fan, join in, too! Here’s what I’m looking for:
A post about Rock Fiction that you’d like to read.
A review of someone else’s Rock Fiction that you have read.

We’ve lined up Kevin R Doyle to write about his experience having One Helluva Gig turned into a radio production.

Got other ideas? Let’s hear ’em.

Susan says if you post something at your own place, like she’s done in the past, she’ll post links here. Send ’em on; the more of us who join in, the bigger and better.

Oh, and I almost forgot… Susan isn’t ready to spill this yet, but I am. She’s got a special Rocktober short story for you guys this year. It’s been way too long since she wrote something new, don’t you think?