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Jett here. I’m taking over because, well, Susan hogs this place and that’s gotta end. She brought me in to take over for her ’cause she’s so busy, after all.

And really, when she’s coming up with books like this one, you gotta wonder why I’m not just running the show myself, don’t you? Category Harlequin?

Oh, sure, she’s read some good ones. Not all the reviews are up, so I can’t link to them, but ask if you’re curious. That’s what comment forms are for.

This one’s called Pregnant By Morning, and it’s about a one-night stand that’s just too good to end after one night. It’s a romance, so of course there’s problems. One of ’em is the heroine, Evangeline. She used to sing (that’s what makes this Rock Fiction, after all), but some quackety-quack destroyed her voice.

On this one, Susan’s right. When she sent me the link, she said she wasn’t sure she’d buy that part.

Guess we gotta read it. And I have a bad feeling this is another one I’m going to have to share.