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Winter is still hanging on and maybe we’re not ready for a refreshing blast of winter yet, but we can always use some Christmas joy, can’t we?

Here’s some, compliments of author Heather Hiestand:

Twelve years ago, Bax Connolly left his small town behind to find fame and fortune with his guitar. Now the legendary, tattooed rock star is back and has purchased a home. The bad boy of the music industry wants to reconnect with his estranged family by throwing a huge Christmas party. But his tough, working class relatives have no clue how to deal with their ultra-wealthy and famous prodigal son and want nothing to do with him.

Yakima Wannassay’s catering company needs a Christmas miracle to keep from going under, but she never expected Santa to deliver her the perfect holiday client—her former next door neighbor Bax. A recommendation from him could take her business to a whole new level. And when she steps under the mistletoe with the irresistible Bax, she finds herself wanting to mix business with pleasure. Too bad a long ago told little white lie could blow up in her face and ruin both Christmas and her future.

The Rock Star’s Christmas Reunion reunites a couple who were never together except in rumor, adds some music industry edge, and mixes in the joy of the holidays!

At first, I rolled an eye at the whole bad boy rocker thing. But then I kept reading and boy howdy, am I glad I did! Trying to figure out how to get along with family whose values you may not share anymore — or maybe you do, but the veneer over everything has changed, so there’s no trust for who’s underneath? Yes. Yes.

It’s fresh. It’s something to think about. I’m SO there.

Even the employer-employee trope gets a twist here.


Bring it. And if someone sends it now, I just might get it read in time to post the review in time for real Christmas prep.



I don’t get why you’d start writing a Rock Fiction series and then change it up halfway through. Just start another series!

So I don’t know what Kim Karr was thinking, teasing us with three of the first four entries in her Connections series being  Rock Fiction. The rest… not so much, it doesn’t look like. But I’ll tell you something: the book descriptions themselves become more and more vague as the series progresses. Weird.

So the first two novels — there’s an epilogue to book #2 called 2.1 and a novella tie-in that doesn’t feature River and Dahlia — feature the same two folk. Like I said: River and Dahlia. But beyond that, I can’t really tell what the books are about. He wants to heal her.

Buddy, didn’t anyone tell you that’s one of the worst things you can try to do to a person? You can’t heal someone. You can help them heal, but you can’t do it for them.

Still, it’s Rock Fiction, and then there’s Book Three, which is about another dude in the band and is also Rock Fiction. After that, the category blurs. So let’s focus on these three, which have a bunch of common themes: characters who have a past before they connect on the page, and secrets that can destroy everyone and everything.

There are other storylines in fiction, you know? But maybe that’s part of what makes this series able to stretch beyond Rock Fiction — besides stretching to encompass the friends and family of River and Dahlia. I don’t know. I don’t know if the same elements would make the books after the first lose something.

I don’t know. Gonna have to read them to find out.