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Here’s another one that’s been on our List forever but is only just now getting written up and drooled over. It’s the Black Falcon series, written by Michelle A Valentine, and it looks like it’s complete, with seven books including a few in-between books. The series starts off focused on Lane and Noel, but then opens up and soon it’s about each member of the band.

From the descriptions, some of these make me gag. Right off the bat, there’s the usual works for the band stuff. But not all of them. And, of course, since it’s a complete series, you gotta take it as a whole, and that’s when a lot of these series really shine. When all the stories work together and you get to see a lot of the band — because, let’s face it: we’re here for the rockers. That’s what I’m talking about.

But it looks like the box set doesn’t include the in-between stories, and that has me crying foul. I want ’em all, and I want ’em together and man oh man, do I wanna sit and immerse myself in one band for the duration.

Yep, another work of Rock Fiction has crossed my radar. This one comes to us via small publisher 5 Prince Publishing, a house that’s new to me.

Most readers don’t care much about publishers, they care if a book is good or not, and so we’ll talk about Blissful Tragedy, Amy M. Gale’s entry into the genre. At first, I thought I’d already written this book because its main character, Lexie, works for an advertising agency. That doesn’t seem to be vital to the romance, though. Not the way it was in Michelle Valentine’s Rock the Heart.

Instead, this is the story of a woman crushed by a breakup who happens to hook up with the lead singer.

One warning: this is one of those stories where the singer does whatever he has to do to get his hands on Lexie’s phone number (“secretly obtains her cell number” is how the book description words it). Is anyone else squicked out by that? Just… dude. ASK. You have a mouth. Presumably, it’s good for more than singing and kissing the chicks. And if you ask and Lexie said no? Respect that.


Of course, it’s hard to comment on what “secretly obtains her cell number” really means until I read the book — so there’s another reason I need to read this one.

Reviews that I’ve seen are mixed, so … another reason to read and pass along to Jett for a formal review. Fingers crossed I’ll get to see what this one’s like. One review mentioned that the sex scenes are super hot. Can they be hotter than Olivia Cunning’s?