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You eagle-eyed, eager-beaver types might have already noticed it, but Susan’s new story, Broken, is up for pre-order at Smashwords and Amazon. Get your copy. It’s 99c, and Susan could really use the cash and I really hope she doesn’t see that or she’ll delete it out. [Yeah, ordinarily, I would, but things right now are extra tight. I could use the royalties. –Susan]

Preorders should be up soon at B&N and Kobo and iBooks, so keep a lookout for them. If you see them, holler and we’ll post the links.

And you Amazon people, if you are feeling kindly toward Susan, who really does a lot for the book community [Hey, thanks, Jett! — Susan], why not report that free price on Mannequin to Amazon? It’s free everywhere BUT Amazon, and hearing from all you might be more helpful than the constant pokes from me and her. She says free books help fuel the sale of the rest of the books, so let’s help her out.