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So author Leslie Wells saw her name on the List page and dropped me a note. And just that fast, I had in my hands a review copy of her new novel, Come Dancing.

I had meant to edit Jett’s coveting post because … well, there’s no sense coveting a book with a pending review, right?

Except… well, poor Jett is still coveting the book. I kinda couldn’t help myself when the copy arrived and I started reading and … well, gosh darn it, as I said to Leslie, the book took me back to my own days at the radio stations and my crazy adventures in New York and my almost-career at a record label. From the second page, when The Palladium gets mentioned, man, I was there. Hard up on this book.

Which is a sneak peak into my review. I said to Leslie that this is one book I’d have loved to work on as her editor, not because it needed a lot of work (the woman’s a pro and it shows) but because it would have been so much fun.

There’s apparently a sequel in the works. Maybe I’ll let Jett read that one… maybe.

And huge thanks to Leslie Wells for being proactive and getting in touch. Now if Jett would send over some of the other reviews she owes me…

So Nancy Loyan saw my post coveting her book, Special Angel. (It’s still one of the top-read posts here at The Rock of Pages, which isn’t bad for a new site! Thanks to all of you who have transferred here from West of Mars — and to you who’ve newly found us here.)

And she dropped me a note, asking if I’d like a review copy.

Of course I would! So does Jett, who was over the moon over the idea of something good to review.

Stay tuned for another new review among the reposting of the old stuff.

And a huge thanks to Nancy for being such a cool author!