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I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve stumbled onto an epidemic of short stuff that may appeal to you, but around here, it’s low on the coveting list.

…..what will happen if she surprises him in his tour bus?

Young Rose is working at the festival where her favorite band is playing. After another angry customer and the manager that yells at her, she decides to quit her job as at the bar right away and instead go and join the concert of her favorite band. With the official accreditation she sneaks in the backstage, but after a while she realizes that she has once in the life time to opportunity to do something more with her idol and the the frontman of Primal’s Dave Bristol. She’s willing to take her chance and she sneaks in the tour bus, waiting the show to be over and Dave to come in her room. While waiting she starts imagining what kind of kinky things he could do to her…

Ummm… wow. Lots wrong here. First off, it’s 6k words and sounds like it’s … more plot-driven. How’s that?

But this description? It’s barely literate. “to do something more with her idol” — (something more than what?) — “the the frontman of Primal’s Dave Bristol” — is that the name of the band? Primal’s Dave Bristol? Because if it’s not, that makes no sense. Not to mention the repeat of the word “the” — didja catch that? I did, and on the first reading, too. Susan can fix this, and cheap, you know.

If you’ve read this one and have something to say, holler. If you want to read this one and have something to say, holler. But it’s got zero reviews at GoodReads and maybe there’s a reason for that…

Then again, there’s always the chance that the book is better than the description… And I’m really hoping that’s the case.


We’ve mentioned Anthea Lawson around here before. She writes historical romance that has a musical bent, leading to the question if she writes Regency Rock Fiction or not.

Check out this short story she wrote:

In this romantic Regency short story, widowed Lady Diana Waverly finds love and passion in the most unlikely of places when a new piano tutor arrives at her door.

Piano tutor. Says music, right? The question is how the piano is used. Is it part of the seduction? Do they come together over music? Does it keep them together?

A girl’s gotta wonder.


You eagle-eyed, eager-beaver types might have already noticed it, but Susan’s new story, Broken, is up for pre-order at Smashwords and Amazon. Get your copy. It’s 99c, and Susan could really use the cash and I really hope she doesn’t see that or she’ll delete it out. [Yeah, ordinarily, I would, but things right now are extra tight. I could use the royalties. –Susan]

Preorders should be up soon at B&N and Kobo and iBooks, so keep a lookout for them. If you see them, holler and we’ll post the links.

And you Amazon people, if you are feeling kindly toward Susan, who really does a lot for the book community [Hey, thanks, Jett! — Susan], why not report that free price on Mannequin to Amazon? It’s free everywhere BUT Amazon, and hearing from all you might be more helpful than the constant pokes from me and her. She says free books help fuel the sale of the rest of the books, so let’s help her out.