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A few months ago, back closer to its release date, everyone was talking about this one. Even Susan’s friend Mary at Bookhounds has already read it.

But no one over here likes the Rock Fiction experts. Or else they just don’t know enough about us yet.

Yeah, that.

The book is Three Nights with a Rock Star, and here’s what it’s about

When Hailey crashes a Half-Life after party, she expects to find the bastard who knocked up her little sister. Instead she meets the sexy front-man who agrees to give her access to his crew if she gives him access to her body.

All Lock demands in return is three days of complete control over the Sunday School teacher. With a contract, because he’s been burned before. One misstep could send the band—and his tenuous sobriety—up in flames.

Hailey and Lock push each other’s limits… Against the penthouse window. Backstage. In the limo and on the elevator. But as the contract counts down, neither are ready for the party to end.

Glancing over the reviews from those lucky enough to get review copies, it seems they’re kinda mixed. Of course there’s some cliche going on here. The hot rock star, for starters. Makes me wonder what those people were expecting. And it’s a romance, so you know how it’s going to end.

What has me curious, beyond the sex, is who was dumb enough to knock up some chick. Why sister Chloe was on the road in the first place. Why someone so supposedly straight-laced as Hailey is willing to cut loose with someone like Lock, and why she thinks she’ll have time to play detective when she should be warming this dude’s bed. So to speak ’cause it doesn’t sound like they ever make use of a bed.

Yeah, gotta read this one all right.