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Wasn’t that long ago that I was coveting a different series from Ann Lister. And now I’m back with another series, this one with two books but they’re both on the kinda old side, 2009 and 2012. I’d bet this one is holding at a two-book series, but if anyone knows Ann, ask her, will ya? Hello? Let’s get some answers!

So this is the Sheet Music series. The first book shares the series title. Both books feature Annie Logan, who’s in a band, and the second book introduces another “rock queen,” as well. Lots of rock, lots of romance, and… well, why didn’t this go any further than two books?

Still, it’s nice to go into a series knowing it’ll be easy to first catch up and then finish it. A quick obligation, as it is. And that’s always a good thing, especially when they’re good books. (but man, if they are good, it’ll suck that there’s only two of them. So… mixed bag of goodies, maybe?)

I’m off to track these down.