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Not really sure what to make of this one…

Sparrow Fisher is transforming. No longer dressed up in antiquated clothes and ideals, she is finally trying on her freedom.

Before she moves to New York City, she meets Ian Sterling, a musician Sparrow has dreamed about since she first saw him. The attraction is instant, but their relationship isn’t so simple.

Over a five year span, Sparrow and Ian run into each other in unusual places. Each time, Sparrow has to decide if she can trust him, if he feels the same for her, and finally, if love is really enough.

The problem here? It gets off to an interesting start. Antiquated clothes and ideals? Intriguing.

But then… it doesn’t say enough. Too vague.

Bring it on so I can see what it’s REALLY about. It’s got a ton of reviews — no worries, I didn’t read them, just looked at the number of them. This author’s doing something right to get that many people writing about her book. So it can’t totally suck. Right?